Struggling to find answers. Look no further, at Hands In we strive to provide full clarity for all our services. On this page, you will find our FAQ, policies and additional documentation for all customer support. For specific service support please contact us here.

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Frequently asked questions


What happens if one person from the group refuses to pay their share?

There are two scenario's in which this could occur: 1. One user refuses the invitation to pay into the group transaction. 2. The user has accepted the invitation to pay into the group transaction but later refuses to pay their allocated share of the bill. In scenario 1: Hands In will instantly send out a new payment link via email or SMS to the remaining group members with the departed users share deducted from the total cost. This process will repeat until the transaction is completed. In scenario 2: Once the user has accepted to pay their share of the group transaction this creates a contract of which they are legally obligated to obllige. Failure to do will result in a temporary account ban until payment is complete but may also result in fines, permanent account ban or external debt agencies . For more, watch video illustrations here (TBA).

What happens if all members refuse to pay their share?

If all members were to refuse invitation, the entire payment will be cancelled and all members of the group will be promptly refunded their payments to their individual bank accounts. For more information on this, please contact us here.

How do customers request a refund and how do they work?

Triggering a refund can be iniated by any member of group but has to have the agreement from all members of the group. To make a refund request, each memeber from the group payment must agree to a refund request. A refund request button can be found in your email reciept. Once submitted, Hands In will send request to the merchant. Once the merchant has approved of the refund, all group members will be refunded their respective shares. If the refund request is correlated directly to a problem with our service, our team will review and file the request indepdnetly from the merchant. For more, watch video illustrations here (TBA).


How can I integrate Hands In with my application?

There are 2 ways to integrate our services into your application. 1. If you have a website setup with shopify, wix or square space, you can install our plugin. Tutorials and guides can be found here. 2. If you have developers, and would prefer a more custom integration, please provide them with your merchant API key. With this they will be able to directly copy and paste our pre-built code directly into your application, with minimal setup, you can follow our guide here.

How am I able to track purchases made by customers?

Hands In is currently working on a merchant portal that will enable merchants to track all group payments and view customer profiles to supercharge your marketing, fraud, and insight solutions with data on every buyer involved in a purchase. For the time being, we will be generating digital invoices and reports sent via email monthly. For more information on this, please contact us here.

Will I be charged on refunds?

No, merchants will not be charged for refunds. However, if the refund request is due to issue within the online business itself and not Hands then the merchant will be refunded without the trasnaction fee. If the refund request is due to an issue with our payment service then the merchant will be refunded the full amount including the transaction fee withdrawn. For more information, please contact us here.

How do I pay the transaction fees?

Transaction fee's are deducted as soon as the payment is completed. Upon request, merchants can opt for a custom date for the months total payment fee's to be paid out. For more information on this, please contact us here.

Will this effect my existing payment gateway?

If you already process your online payments with a trusted gateway. Dont worry! You can keep using the same gateway and the same rates you’ve negotiated with them. Our platform is gateway agnostic so you can keep using the best gateway to process and receive all group payments.

Willl there be any down time to my online store when intergrating?

There will be no downtime to your online store when intergrating with us.


Where can I find the API documentation?

Our API is currently still in development, however you can still check out our other integration methods and see if they are applicable to your application. Check them out here

Can I use Hands In to develop my own group payment application?

Yes, we provide multiple SDKs with additional support and documentation, so that you can easily get started with devolping your own applications on top of our services. Find out more here.

How do I create a developer account?

You can sign in or register for a Hands In developer account using our developer portal. Unfortunately the portal is currently undergoing changes.