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Hands In is white-label checkout service that enables consumers to pay together online. Hands In integrates on websites and portals across all of commerce to let consumers pay together for group expenses.


Businesses that work with Hands In benefit from increased ATV, conversions, customer loyalty, and marketing reach. A variety of businesses trust Hands In to increase conversions: from global event brands to mobile food services and gift retailers.


Hands In aims to solve the very frustrating problem of splitting group expenses by introducing a new payment service that finally enables consumers to pay together online.

Our team first encountered this problem after becoming deeply frustrated with the way group expenses were handled in our first flat in university. Suddenly it hit us: what if there was a way we could split their group expenses on auto-pilot, faster than a traditional bank transfer?


That kick-started our mission to create a payment service that would enable customers to finally pay togeher  Result: no one will have to upfront costs ever again.

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