Increase Conversions, ATV & Marketing Reach
through Group Payments.


Why Merchants Love Us?

Whether it be 2.,5,6,10, or 20 people enable your business to seamlessly accept group payments of any size. 

Increased Average transaction values

Increase conversions for your business by allowing a more efficient way to accept group-paying customers, rather than turning them away.

Increased conversions on group orders

Retain and grow your audience by reducing e-commerce friction for groups and that solves a genuine customer need!  

Increase NPS, retention & referral rates

We comply & abide within official financial governing bodies and policies to ensure fairness, transparency, and safety when using our service.

PCI, GDPR & FCA compliant

Our service has been tested in-house using sandboxed environments to ensure functionality and security across the board.  

Sandbox tested

Our service is customized to your online business, from checkout flows to checkout pages. Create a service that fits the requirements of your online store. 

Fully customisable product

Join 50+ merchants on our waitlist

Our waitlist features some of the leading providers in the travel, ticketing and food delivery industries.

If your online business is interested in accepting group payments then sign up and we'll get you started.

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API Documentation

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