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Split the cost of group purchases with your peers  

The Problem

Splitting group expenses can be an impossible task. Deciding who pays who what and when everybody is going to pay you back is destroying group shopping experiences   

Our Solution

Hands in enables groups to split the cost of online purchases with peers through retailers. We provide groups the ability to add other group members into the cost of the transaction so you all can settle up the bill at one given moment

Our Vision

Our Goal is to eliminate the burden of payment chasing and make the splitting of group expenses as seamless as possible 


How it works

Choose to pay with

Hands In

We connect your phone book so you can easily add group members 

Split the bill how

you want

Have the choice to split equally, as a percentage, by item or completely customized to your group's needs 

Everyone puts a hand in

paying the bill

A payment link is sent out for your friends to pay their share 

For our users

Our promise

Together we can eliminate the burden of payment chasing so you focus entirely on enjoying your group experience. From a Friday night takeaway with your mates to booking the group holiday of lifetime hands in is the payment platform to fulfill any group's needs.  

Become the platform groups crave 

Currently most businesses that sell to groups of people only enable one person to pay

This creates a tremendous risk to revenue growth as potential customers have to leave your online store to collect the money to make a purchase

Hands in instead keeps the splitting of the bill all in one place keeping your users retained, satisfied and constantly growing

For our Merchants

Grow, Grow and Grow 

By providing your customers the ability to split the bill drive prevent new customers leaving your store driving conversions and reducing cart abandonment  

Our value propositions 

 Validated by 

Payment security 


Hands in works directly with FCA regulated payment processor stripe to ensure that the security of your payment is concrete

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Airbnb & Uber enable their users to keep splitting of their products within app creating thousands of new users every month.

Sectors we operate in


Mobile food services 

Online supermarkets

Ride Hailing

Holiday booking

Leisure activities 


Travel services 

And the best part...

We will provide this all for free!

That's right for a limited time only sign up now and we will provide our service to your business completely free

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Finance Focused 

"The smartest product
in the market"

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